Door to Door Outreach Teams

Door to Door LogoThrough the Door to Door neighborhood outreach program, including tabling at Watsonville Farmer's Market first Friday afternoons 2:00 – 5:00 pm, St. Francis Soup Kitchen in downtown Santa Cruz (third Thursday mornings) and Mountain Community Resources with Second Harvest (last Thursday from 10:00 - noon), the Shelter is able to help pet owners in need to care for their pets better than they could on their own – by offering gifts of pet food, parasite control, new leashes and collars, even toys.

Shelter teams also offer general information about pet care to the people that they meet. They speak about the work the Shelter does and explain how those programs can be of help.

Please consider donations to help with our continuing outreach to those in need:

  •     flea preventatives
  •     leashes
  •     collars
  •     harnesses
  •     cat and dog food
  •     pet toys

Project Santa Cruz Homeless Connect

Animal Shelter table at Homeless Connect EventThe Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter joins many other local organizations and agencies to offer support at the Santa Cruz Homeless Connect. This event takes place twice a year and brings many services from assistance with the DMV process, to dental care, food vouchers, and in our case help with the needs of pets. At the 2016 event, around twenty dogs were given care such as core vaccines, microchip ID's, and flea preventive. Many more were given basic items such as food, collars, leashes, ID tags, bedding, and toys were given out as well.

Read more about this event...

We do outreach three times a month to our at need pet-owning population: 1st Friday at the Watsonville Farmer's Market, 3rd Thursday at St Francis Soup Kitchen, last Thursday at Mountain Community Resources.

We are very low on some of our supplies. We are in serious need of small bags of dog food, medium and large leashes, flea preventive and cat and dog treats. Your donations make this outreach possible!

Watch for our donation bins at the Shelter and local pet supply stores!

Dog at Homeless Connect event Bin of supplies at Homeless Connect Bin of supplies at Homeless Connect event

photo of officer todd with dogOfficer Todd is Opening Doors in Our Community
"After working as a street Animal Control Officer and manager for several years, Todd Stosuy became frustrated with what seemed to be an endless cycle of impounding animals and issuing citations – but not seeing long-term change"...

Putting a Friendly Face on Animal Control
"Far too often, animal control officers find themselves dealing with owners who love their animals, but don’t have the financial means to provide basic care that many take for granted, such as flea medication, proper shelter, or vaccines. Facing fines from well-intentioned animal control agencies, underprivileged owners are often forced to surrender their beloved pets.

At the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter in California, we try and take a different
approach—one aimed at helping struggling owners keep their pets for life."

volunteers posting flyers in door to door program photo of dog on chain volunteers working on dog house