Pet of the Week

Claire's photo

Claire - Talkative and Fluffy!

Claire is a talkative, purry cat with soft fluffy fur you'll love to pet. She has pretty orange patches in her grey and cream coat, and a short bushy tail that's very expressive.

Claire enjoys curling up in your lap on a soft blanket to be stroked, chin-rubbed, massaged and brushed.  She also enjoys sitting on the bench in the get-acquainted room, watching through the window at the outdoor birds and people passing by. Claire is weary of shelter life and is dreaming of a quiet, loving home of her own. She is 12, and senior cats often wait in vain for homes although they have many advantages. Older cats are usually content to simply relax in your company, unlike youngsters who may get into mischief because they’re bored and have poor impulse control. They tend to be litter box trained and know household etiquette (no biting feet at night!). They can be an especially good choice for an older couple or single who might pre-decease a younger cat. Many people think that when senior cats are adopted, they seem to understand they’ve been rescued, and are all the more thankful for it. We suspect Claire would prefer to enjoy her retirement years in a single pet home. Will you be this older girl's happy ending?

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