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ROMEO (A175099)
(See Romeo's video below:)
Romeo, oh Romeo, why for art thou still not adopted Romeo?

Too many of these truly charming little Chihuahua mixes linger here at the Shelter because potential adopters think that they are not “Chihuahua People”. Well, we’re here to tell you that Chihuahuas may not be who you think they are and neither are their people. Chi’s come in all shapes and makes, long and short fur, can be shy or bold, are lap sized but long-walk ready!  

After waiting here at the Shelter for a while, and being overlooked because he is small and undemanding, Romeo is now in a Foster home. They have this to say about him: Easy going Romeo has captured our hearts. He is a lot of fun, super mellow, and is an affectionate dog! He is quite content with short walks but I took him on a three-mile walk this morning and he seemed to really enjoy it too. He likes to sleep under the covers and snuggle. He learns quickly and my daughter and I were surprised that after taking him on a sleepover twice, he found our car is in the parking lot. He's a wonderful companion!

Romeo even seems to get along with cats, “At home he was at first intimidated by my cat but they settled into a mutual respect that worked very well all night.”

Take a second look at some of our Chihuahua mixes! You’ll be glad you did and so will they!

Romeo is a six-year-old, short-russet-furred, Chihuahua mix

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