Pet of the Week


Gertie's photo

Sweet and Gentle Gertie!

All you have to do is look at Gertie’s sweet face to fall in love. Her kind, gentle demeanor is evident immediately. Gertie was dumped into one of the Shelter’s play yards by an unknown person where she was discovered by staff, so her history and background are unknown. Fortunately she’s pure sunshine and ready to write herself a new life story. Versatile, resilient and open-minded, she would probably do well in a home with another dog or with gentle, respectful children or simply as a pampered “only child."

Quite the social butterfly, Gertie is very interested in meeting and playing with other dogs and is eager to greet every creature she meets. Her purest joy, though, is contact with humans. She is going to be a loyal, dedicated companion, not one who will want to left alone for long periods day in and day out. She’ll be an easy keep if you can meet her basic needs for affection and companionship. She gives all indications of being housetrained and would make an excellent “take-anywhere” dog.

Gertie has a mild limp which may be due to arthritis. While it doesn’t keep her from enjoying short walks or socializing with other dogs, she would do best in a less active household looking for a devoted companion and lapdog. Mellow play with other dogs is fine, but rough play and energetic running should probably be avoided although this lovely lady could stand to lose a few pounds for her own optimum health.

Commit to being Gertie’s best friend and guide and this fun, attentive, playful girl will reward you handsomely with lifelong adoration and love!

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