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Chip's Photo

CHIP (A207132)

Chip was brought to the Shelter as a stray after he and his brother Dale were found roaming a local high school at night. They were guess-timated to be about a year old and clung to each other when they first arrived, but soon learned to trust and connect with people and other dogs. Dale was recently adopted and now it’s Chip’s turn to find his forever family! 

Chip is a unique dark coffee color with cinnamon markings and long athletic legs. He’s energetic, sprightly and very agile – an All Terrain Chihuahua! He’s social, playful and loves to romp. With compatible playmates, he’ll play chase till he wears himself out, having a ball the whole time. When paired with overly rambunctious dogs, however, he can take offense at their overly pushy style so it’s a good idea to monitor his playtime with other dogs. If it seems like he’s getting overly excited, a simple redirection – like calling his name – is often all it takes to calm him down.

Chip seeks out people for quality snuggle time and will spring into your lap to shower you with kisses if you let him. His love of human attention and his desire to be included in activities make him a great candidate for further training and full-time membership in a human family. He would like nothing better than to play games that would not only be physically and mentally stimulating but also loads of fun and a great way for everyone to bond (think of your favorite sports teams!)

Obviously, Chip and Dale were looking for fun and excitement (and an education?) when they wandered onto that schoolyard so if you’re looking for fun and excitement and an energetically affectionate playmate, come meet Chip!

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