PLANNED PetHood Fees

Base Price: Spay or Neuter*

Dog $100  
Cat $50  
Rabbit $75  
Special Discount Program!
Approximately 33% of dogs that enter the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter locations are either Pit Bulls or Chihuahuas. Our “special” price for spay/neuter for these animals reflects our commitment to their welfare and the welfare of our community.
* Animals over 100 lbs., in heat, pregnant or cryptorchid – add $20. Animals over 7 years of age are required to receive a blood panel for an additional $55.  Late drop-off fee (more than 20 minutes) is $20.

Fees for Additional Required Services

Microchip ID including registration $15  
License for altered dog $29  
Rabies vaccination (dogs and cats) $10  
These fee rates above are available to any resident of Santa Cruz County who chooses to use our PLANNED PetHood program.