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Free Chihuahua Spay/Neuter Extravaganza
February 2016
Locations to be announced

With thanks to the Alice and Emmy Fund from Chihuahua Pride Day, and other supporting grants and donations, coupons for FREE Chihuahua spay/neuters will be handed out to celebrate National Spay Day and work to overcome pet over-population in our County!

Catio Tour
Thursday, April 7th, time to be announced
Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, 2200 7th Ave., Santa Cruz

Saturday, April 9th
At catios all around the county!

A catio is an enclosed space for domestic cats to enjoy fresh air and sunlight, without negatively impacting the surrounding environment. Catio can range from a screened window box all the way up to a catwalk from an attic window out to a screened gazebo.  Catios keep birds safe from cats and cats safe from predators!

Native Animal Rescue and the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter will be hosting an informational evening of the domestic/wildlife interface and a Saturday tour of local catios.

Days of Wine and Wet Noses
Saturday April 23rd
time and location to be announced soon

Laurie Roberts, great friend to all pets and DJ with K-Pig Radio, will be putting on another great party us again this year. It is always a fabulous and very dog-friendly event! There will be rocking live music, food trucks, tasty beer from Seabright Brewery, local wines, and lots and lots more to enjoy! Save the date for sure!

Meet the Illustrator (Joe Hyatt), Book Release Party for Buddy Unchained in Spanish
Saturday, April 30th, time to be announced
Crossroads Bookshop, Watsonville, CA

Join us in celebrating the Spanish language release of one of the very best children’s books in humane education: Buddy Unchained!


Watch this space for information on upcoming special training opportunities for our regular volunteers.

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Cat Behavior and Handling in the Shelter Environment.

Saturday, February 27, 1:00 - 3:00
Description: Why do the cats here do such weird things? Sometimes they meow constantly, scratch at the kennel door, or hide in the back of a cubby and avoid people. How can we cope with this stuff? In this class, we'll address some of these questions. We'll talk about the basic pshychology of domestic cats, and why they have a stressful time here at the shelter. We'll point out some of the signs you can look for to see if a cat is confident and happy, shy and fearful, or high-energy and playful. All volunteers are welcome to attend. Sign up on the sheet next to the volunteer sign in monitor or email Erin Conway to sign up.