Upcoming SCCAS Events & Volunteer Training



Summer/Fall events

June: RedRover Responder training (June 12, 9 - 1 pm) Regsiter online to learn to help animal victims of disasters and other crises by joining our RedRover Responders team - FULL. Introduction to Reiki for Pets, taught by Joyce Leonard of Santa Cruz Reiki Works (June 25, 5 - 7 pm) - FULL - for wait list email jen.walker@santacruzcounty.us

July: Hot Dawgs, Cool Cats, and Rockin' Rabbits (summer special adoption event, 50% off all adoption fees, summer time treats, and a kids' coloring contest, July 9, 10 am - 6 pm, SCCAS), Muzzle Up! Project training* (July 24, at SCCAS) register online at the Muzzle Up Project's website, book reading and signing event at Bookshop Santa Cruz - "Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me from Myself" by Julie Barton (July 28, 7 pm,1520 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz)

August: Love Monday at Discretion Brewing (August 22), Parks & Rex II w/ SC Parks at the Simpkins Family Swim Center (August 28), Bow Wow Film Festival with Duo Duo Project at the Del Mar Theatre (TBA)

September: Pet 1st Aid/CPR (TBA) taught by Meghan of Bed & Biscuits

October: Harvest, Hops, and Hounds (October 1, hosted by C-DOG!), Bark-toberfest (October 22 at Sante Adairius Rustic Ales co-hosted with WoofPack)


*This workshop will cover the how-to’s of muzzle training, including working through common trouble spots, as well as incorporating tricks, games and activities so that dogs feel comfortable and happy wearing a muzzle. We’ll also discuss how to tailor your dog’s muzzle training for specific scenarios like the veterinary office and leash walks.


Watch this space for information on upcoming special training opportunities for our regular volunteers.

If you are interested in BEGINNING volunteer orientation, click here

Sign up for classes on the sign up sheets next to the volunteer check in monitor. All classes take place in the SCCAS Multi-purpose room. Or contact the volunteer coordinator - Erin Conway to be added to the list.


SCCAS is now offering a fast-track to become a Foster Volunteer. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and your primary interest in volunteering is fostering dogs or cats, puppies or kittens in need of short or longer term special care, sign up to attend a Foster Orientation and Training session to learn more about our Foster Program!

Monday, June 13, 5:30 - 7:00

Join us for a fun training on dog body language vs human body language. Canines and primates have their own ways of communicating and we’re often clueless as to what dogs are trying to tell us. Not reading and understanding their signals, or interacting in ways that are scary to them, can lead to mistrust and even bites. Join us for some videos and discussion on how to become better observers and partners with our canine friends.

Thursday, June 23, 5:30-7:00

This is foster season and we are actively looking to new foster homes. This training is for current volunteers interesed in fostering dogs, cats, puppies or kittens. We are changing our training program to include basic foster information as well as more specific training for dog or cat volunteers.

Saturday, June 25, 1:00 - 2:30

With Robin Glascock.

Offered for the first time and especially valuable to our priceless kitten foster volunteers!
Description: Why does your friend’s cat run and hide under the bed when you visit? Why do we see so many “shy” and fearful cats at the shelter? Most of the time this happens because, as kittens, they led too sheltered of a life. Dog owners know they are supposed to “socialize” their puppies to get them used to living in the human world. Meeting all sorts of people, taking trips in the car, visiting friends’ houses and getting used to seeing other dogs is seen as the right way to raise a puppy.

Why not teach kittens to cope with new experiences too? Kittens are naturally curious! Foster parents have a unique opportunity to change a kitten’s life forever. Show formerly-feral kittens that living with people is fantastic. Learn how to set your foster kittens up for a confident, curious future, filled with exciting new adventures. All volunteers welcome, even “dog people”!

Sunday, June 26, 10:30 - 12:00

With Mardi Richmond

What’s the big deal? This class will cover – why it’s so important to handle puppies well; things NOT to do; things to focus on; holding and carrying puppies. A unintentional puppy bite can mean a 5 day quarantine for that puppy at a time when that puppy especially needs the socialization and opportunity for adoption. This is a fun and informative class for all volunteers who interact with our puppies. Let’s all work together to give our pups a good head start into their forever homes. Strongly encouraged for all volunteers, especially new volunteers, who interact with puppies.

Sign up on the sheets by the volunteer monitor or email Erin Conway to add you to the list.